Diabetes (Glucagon, insulin pumps, training unlicensed staff)

Article 19 Section 921-a  
Allows licensed registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians to train unlicensed school personnel to inject glucagon or epinephrine auto-injectors in emergency situations to pupils who have written health care provider, and parental permission. (7/1/2015)

Commissioners Regulation 136.7 - Self-administration of Certain Medications by Students 
Identifies requirements for students to carry and use diabetes medications independently in school and training that should be provided to staff 

NYSED Clarification on Insulin Pumps 
Clarifies the role of medically unlicensed school personnel in pump management (March 2012) 

NYSED Guidelines for Medication Management In Schools 2015
Contains specific sections on BG testing, insulin, and glucagon in schools (Last Updated December 2017). 

NYSED Glucagon Memo 
Expanded Methods of Administration of Glucagon - Effective August 2, 2021, Education Law § 921 was amended to allow trained unlicensed personnel to administer glucagon by any route, including intranasally, and by other routes of administration that may become available in the future. (8/17/21) 

NYSED Training of Unlicensed Individuals in the Injection of Glucagon in Emergency Situations - Memo (March 2004) 

Glucagon Meeting Memo- NYS Office of Professional Responsibility, (July 2003) 

School Executive's Bulletin-EMSC Blood Glucose Monitoring 
Students must be allowed to test their blood glucose anytime and anywhere and school staff may assist with this task. (January 2001) 

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