Expanded Methods of Administration of Glucagon (NYSED 8/2021)
Effective August 2, 2021, Education Law § 921 was amended to allow trained unlicensed personnel to administer glucagon by any route, including intra-nasally and by other routes of administration that may become available in the future. 

Clarification on Insulin Pumps (NYSED 3/2012)
Clarifies the role of medically unlicensed school personnel in pump management

Training of Unlicensed Individuals in the Injection of Glucagon in Emergency Situations (NYSED 3/2004) 

Glucagon Meeting - NYS Office of Professions (NYSED 7/2003) 

School Executive's Bulletin - Blood Glucose Monitoring (EMSC 1/2001)
Students must be allowed to test their blood glucose anytime and anywhere, and school staff may assist with this task.

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