Amendment to Regulation §136.7(f) Relating to Glucagon Administration in Schools by Trained Unlicensed School Personnel (NYSED 12/2021)
Effective April 27, 2022, Education Law §921 replaced the word “inject” with “administer,” permitting schools to train unlicensed school personnel to administer these new formulations of prescribed glucagon and reflects the current practice of utilizing a Department-approved course on glucagon administration, for an overview of diabetes and hypoglycemia, rather than a Department of Health approved webinar. 

Expanded Methods of Administration of Glucagon (NYSED 8/2021)
Effective August 2, 2021, Education Law § 921 was amended to allow trained unlicensed personnel to administer glucagon by any route, including intra-nasally and by other routes of administration that may become available in the future. 

Clarification on Insulin Pumps (NYSED 3/2012)
Clarifies the role of medically unlicensed school personnel in pump management

Training of Unlicensed Individuals in the Injection of Glucagon in Emergency Situations (NYSED 3/2004) 

Glucagon Meeting - NYS Office of Professions (NYSED 7/2003) 

School Executive's Bulletin - Blood Glucose Monitoring (EMSC 1/2001)
Students must be allowed to test their blood glucose anytime and anywhere, and school staff may assist with this task.

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