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  • The Webinars and PowerPoint presentations on this page were developed by the NYS Center for School Health and the NYS Education Department. Webinars which were produced with funding and in collaboration with the NYS Department of Health will be identified by an acknowledgment.

    External links do not imply endorsement and resources used should be reviewed for alignment with local district policies. Schools, districts and BOCES should consult with their school attorneys regarding specific legal questions.

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  • The Role of the School Health Team and Infection Management in Nonpublic Schools

    This webinar provides a review of the roles and responsibilities of the school health services team, as well as an overview of commonly encountered infectious conditions in schools, with particular attention to bacterial skin infections and the importance of procedures for management and care of ill and injured students. This information was originally presented at the NYSED Student Health and Safety Conference for Nonpublic Schools on 11/4/13. The purpose of this conference was to share health information and best practices tailored to support the needs of the non-public school. (Dec 2013; 47 minutes)

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  • Managing Allergies and Anaphylaxis at School:Training for School Personnel

    NYSDOH has approved this webinar to train school staff in recognizing signs of anaphylaxis and responding using an epinephrine auto-injector.Contains link to webinar, post-test and skills checklist. While not required for school nurses, it contains valuable information which may be of interest.

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  • Opioid Overdose Prevention Training for School Personnel

    NYSDOH has approved this webinar for NYS schools implementing Opioid Overdose Prevention (naloxone administration by school staff who are not medical professionals). It has been approved by the NYSDOH pursuant to section 3309 of Public Health Law for Opioid Overdose Prevention Training. Contains links to the webinar, Post-test and Skills checklist. 55 minutes (8/15)

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