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Medication Administration by Unlicensed Persons
Unlicensed persons are not permitted to administer medication to patients in New York State except in a few well-delineated areas. This memorandum provides information about those few exceptions. 

NYS Office of Professions Guideline:  Non-Patient Specific Standing Order and Protocol 
Provides an overview of the laws and regulations on the administration of non-patient specific orders for certain immunizations, anti-anaphylactic agents, and PPD Mantoux skin tests. It includes specific information on protocols for professional nurses, prescribers, and pharmacists on the types of immunizations or tests which may be administered, the method of administration, CPR requirements, record keeping and FAQs.     

Education Law

Article 19 Section 921-a 
Allows licensed registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians to train unlicensed school personnel to inject glucagon or epinephrine auto-injectors in emergency situations to pupils who have written health care provider and parental permission.  

NYSED Guidelines

Guidelines for Medication Management in Schools (NYSED 10/22)
Provides local educational agencies with a framework for developing policies and procedures that meet the requirements for medication administration in a school setting, both public and non-public, as defined in New York State laws and regulations.


Clarification on Insulin Pumps (NYSED 03/12)
Clarifies the operation of students’ insulin pumps, specifically related to the role of medically unlicensed school personnel.
Please Note: When changing the infusion set, the original tubing, which is already primed and connected to the reservoir, stays in place. It is attached to the new infusion set (needle or cannula). 

Clarification on Medication Storage in Schools (NYSED 08/10)  

Administration of Medications to Students During School-Sponsored Events by Parent/Guardian Designee (NYSED 09/09)  

Ritalin (NYSED 08/02)

School Executive's Bulletin-EMSC Blood Glucose Monitoring (NYSED 01/01)
Students must be allowed to test their blood glucose anytime and anywhere and school staff may assist with this task.

Policy Guidance: Tablet Splitting (NYSED 01/00)

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