FAQs - Medication


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    If you are looking for something specific and you don't see the answer, reference the complete NYSED Guidelines for Medication Management in Schools


Medication Management in the School

  • Communication

  • Documentation

  • State Law Related Questions

  • Medication Administration

  • Medication Errors

  • Non-FDA Sanctioned Medication/Supplements Requests

  • Opioid Antagonists

  • Over the Counter Medications (OTC)

  • Prescription Medications

  • Stock Medication

  • Student Functional Categories

  • Timing of Medication Orders

  • Transporting Medication to School

Field Trip

  • Medication Administration and Use

  • Exclusion of Student Due to Disability

  • Field Trip Documentation

  • Out of State / Foreign Country Field Trips

  • Page Updated 9/22/23