Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit and Resources

The NYSED Opioid Overdose Prevention Resources listed below may be used in consultation with the school medical director, administration and school counsel in implementing a school or school district opioid overdose prevention program. Guidelines and Memos Related to Opioid Overdose Prevention and Use of Naloxone in Schools is located on the Laws, Guidelines, and Memos page> Guidelines and Memos by Content here.

NYSDOH-NYSED Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Webinar and Resources

Opioid Prevention Training For School Personnel Webinar
This NYSDOH approved training for non-medical school personnel provides information on recognizing signs of opioid overdose and administering opiate antagonist naloxone for suspected opioid overdose. It is required for all school staff who choose to administer naloxone on-site at school. 1 CTLE/PD credit is awarded after successful completion. (Updated 3/2019)

NYSDOH Opioid Overdose Prevention Resources for School Settings

Monitoring Inventory of Naloxone
School Medical Directors and/or Licensed Prescriber Resources
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Updated 12/5/19