NYSDOH Student Weight Status Category Reporting (SWSCR)


    The 2023-2024 Student WSC/BMI & Health Conditions reporting survey for selected schools is now available
    on the Health Commerce System/School Survey website.
    The survey is due Wednesday, January 31, 2024! 
    Use data from last school year's (2022-2023) health examinations when reporting.

    Please direct questions about weight status (BMI) reporting to Sherry Brown, Bureau of Chronic Disease Evaluation & Research,
    New York State Department of Health at email: schoolbmi@health.ny.gov  or phone 518-473-7817.

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    If you are a new School Nurse or need training, the 2023-2024 BMI/ Student Weight Status Category Reporting Training Registration and Schedule is here!

    Student Weight Status Category reports for selected schools are due annually in January. 
    Reports are based on health exams received in the previous school year.
    Remember to use data from last school year's (2022-2023) physicals when reporting.

NYS Weight Status Data Reporting and Obesity Statistics

  • Student Weight Status Data 
    Beginning in 2010, all data reported through the Student Weight Status Category Reporting System has been released by Health Data New York. Prior to 2010, data from SWSCR was released through the printable report and continue to be incorporated into reports released to the public. These reports are accessible through web links posted on this linked page. 

    The Student Weight Data Explorer
    This dashboard reports data on overweight and obesity by school districts, counties, and regions of the state. It includes tools that provide comprehensive data on an individual school district or allow you to compare multiple districts, and multiple counties, and review statewide and regional trends. Schools can use this data to determine health, education, and fitness goals, and apply for grant funding.

    NYSDOH Information For Action # 2019-02
    The report provides information that NYS obesity rates are decreasing among elementary school students but on the rise among middle and high school students.