Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit and Resources

Heroin and opioid abuse continues to grow in NYS and throughout the nation. The NYSED Opioid Overdose Prevention Resources listed below may be used in consultation with the school medical director, administration and school counsel in implementing a school or school district opioid overdose prevention program.

FAQs Related to Opioid Overdose Prevention

NYSED Memos Related to Opioid Overdose Prevention in Schools

Training Webinar, Post-Test, Skills Checklist, Certificate of Completion and Training Record

NYSDOH Opioid Prevention Training For School Personnel-This webinar has been approved by the NYSDOH pursuant to section 3309 of Public Health Law for Opioid Overdose Prevention Training. 55 minutes (12/2016)

Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Post-Test-Print this test and check your answers against the webinar slide number indicated next to each question. When you have achieved 100% accuracy, take the post-test and the Training Skills Checklist below to the designated reviewer in your school or district. (12/2016)

Opioid Overdose Prevention Training Skills Checklist-Print this form and take it with your post-test to the reviewer in your district, who will review the steps for naloxone use in emergency response for opioid overdose. This form is in Word format to allow districts to add their letterhead to the top of the form. (12/2016)

Certificates of Completion for Non-Medical Trained Overdose Responders-This certificate is valid for 2 years. It must be signed by the trainer to be valid.(8/15)

Opioid Overdose Staff Training Log Summary-Provides a log for documenting staff trained. May be customized by district.(12/16)

NYSDOH Opioid Overdose Prevention Resources for School Settings

NYSDOH Opioid Overdose Prevention Program Registration Form (3/2017)
Please note: This new on-line registration form makes it easier for schools to register. Ignore the login on the upper right corner of the webpage as it does not apply to schools. Only check “site same as agency” if your main school registration address is the same as the one site where you will provide the naloxone. You may add sites (schools) by clicking the + sign. The NYSDOH Opioid Overdose Directory option allows your school to be identified as an NYSDOH registered program.

Record Keeping Resources for Training Staff and Monitoring  Inventory of Naloxone

Resources for School Medical Directors and/or Licensed Prescribers

Resources for Trained School Responders
Sample Policy, Procedures and Notifications for Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs 
Educator, Student and Parent Resources
Medication Resources

Updated 6/5/18