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  • Records Retention | Management | Security

    Records Retention | Management | Security

    The State Archives provides a wide variety of resources and workshops on records management. They include the Record Retention & Disposition Schedule for Health records. Additional guidance on managing sensitive records and email security is also provided.

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  • Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI)

    Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI)

    Provides information from the CDC on the causes and suggestions for prevention of recreational water illnesses related to pools, water parks, hot tubs and natural water areas.

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  • Reportable Diseases - NYSDOH

    Reportable Diseases - NYSDOH

    Reportable Disease's and Guidelines related to reporting. Includes Department of Health Laboratory Reporting.

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  • Restraints | Behavioral Interventions

    Restraints | Behavioral Interventions

    Each school's code of conduct and discipline and behavioral interventions must be developed consistent with NYSED regulations that promote the use of positive behavioral supports and interventions and prohibit or limit the use of certain types of behavioral interventions for students. NY Code of Rules and Regulations (8 NYCRR) 1§100.2(l).

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  • Rural Health

    Rural Health

    Resources to support those who work in and with those who support health care in rural areas of NYS.

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