Records Retention and Management

The NYS Archives

Record Retention & Disposition Schedule for Health
Provides a PDF document of information specific to only the Health Portion of the ED-1 schedule. For additional information on records retention use the NYSED link below. Please note- the schedule refers to the "Summary Record" this is the same thing as the Cumulative Health Record.

Records Retention - NYSED State Archives
Provides information on managing and storing both paper and electronic rds. Includes guidance, samples, and webinars on record storage. Content includes information on laws and regulations, disaster assistance, retention and disposition schedules, and workshops/webinars. Information specific to electronic records is included

Developing a Policy for Managing Email
Provides guidelines for writing policies and procedures that will guide a program for managing email. Agencies and governments should adapt the guidelines to meet their own needs and capabilities, and continue to update their policies on an as­ needed basis (2010)

Updated 9/21/19