Rural Health

Rural school districts, educators, and students have different experiences than their urban and suburban counterparts. By their very nature, schools and districts in smaller-sized communities encounter obstacles in recruiting and retaining talent, establishing community partnerships, and facilitating students’ access to college. They also have unique, rural-specific opportunities to capitalize on tight-knit communities. 

New York State Association for Rural Health (NYSARH)
Provides resources, training, and collaboration on issues affecting the health and well-being of New York's rural residents. Members include the rural healthcare industry, individuals, non-profit organizations, government agencies and officials, healthcare facilities, emergency medical service providers, long-term care organizations, businesses, and university foundations.  

Regional Education Laboratory Program
The 10 Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) are funded by the Institute of Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education, They serve as research alliances that examine and address high-priority regional needs, such as college and career readiness, educational equity, and teacher preparation and performance.

  • Ask A REL
    A collaborative reference desk service provided by the ten regional educational laboratories (REL) that by design, functions much in the same way as a technical reference library. It provides references, referrals, and brief responses in the form of citations on research-based education questions. 

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