NYSED Guidelines

Immunization Guidelines for Schools (NYSED 8/2023)
The guidelines provide direction to schools on how to ensure students meet the immunization requirements and also address how to handle certain situations, including: Homeless Students, Students in Foster Care, Non-graded classes, and Refugee students. This document provides schools with directions for students not meeting the immunization requirements, along with documentation and record-keeping requirements.


Immunization Certificates for High School Graduates (NYSED 11/17/11)
Encourages high schools to forward a copy of the student’s immunization certificate at the same time the final transcripts are sent to the college or university, as well as provide a copy to graduates to assist them in gaining employment or pursuing higher education at a later date.

Anaphylactic Agents by Registered Professional Nurses Utilizing Non-Patient Specific Orders and Protocols (NYSED 2/27/01)

NYSDOH Letters

Immunization Joint Letter NYSDOH & NYSED (NYSDOH, NYSED 12/7/22) 

2019 School Immunization Final Rule to Schools and Local Health Departments from the NYSDOH Bureau of Immunization (NYSDOH 1/9/20)

Note: each of these FAQs contains different information.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions About School Vaccination Requirements (NYSDOH, NYSED 10/4/19)  

Additional Guidance About Vaccination Requirements FAQs and Emergency Regulations (NYSDOH, OCFS, NYSED 8/16/19)  

Vaccination Requirements Applicable to All Students (NYSDOH, OCFS, NYSED 7/19/19)  

Frequently Asked Questions About Legislation Removing Non-Medical Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements (NYSDOH, OCFS, NYSED 6/18/19)

Polio Serology Letter to Schools (NYSDOH 6/8/2017)  
Letter sent to clarify the use of serologic testing to document polio immunity to meet school immunization requirements.

Retention Requirements for Student Immunization Records (NYSDOH 5/2007)
Provides guidance for transfer and retention of immunization records.    

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