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NYSCSH Resources to Implement Immunization Requirements

NYSDOH Resources 

ACIP Immunization Catch Up Schedule (2/2019) 

Medical Exemption Resources and Forms-External Link to NYSDOH Resources (Updated 8/21/2019)


Refugee/Homeless Children, Children Affected by Natural Disasters

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Axt, Refugee Act and Children with information on page 4 applicable to school health and Children Displaced by Natural Disasters- Hurricanes) (Updated 11/2017) 

Registries for NYS and NYC Immunization

NYSIIS (NYS) and NYCIR NYC) New York State Department of Health Registries online database with immunization records for persons of all ages in NYS outside of NYC. CIR is the online database for New York City. 

Resources to Get Help

Additional resources are available on the Vaccines Page.

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