Laws, Regulations, and Guidance from NYSED related to Glucagon administration and training are located on our Laws|Guidelines|Memos page here.

Glucagon Product Websites

Baqsimi™ (BAK-see-mee), dry mist intranasal glucagon, is a prescription medicine used to treat severe hypoglycemia in people with diabetes ages four years and above. (Lilly, 9/24/19) 
Current NYS law only allows injectable glucagon to be administered by trained unlicensed professionals in the school.

Glucagen® Hypokit® for Injection (Novo Nordisk®)

Glucagon™ for Injection (Lilly) 

Gvoke HypoPen™ premixed auto-injector glucagon product, approved for the treatment of very low blood sugar in adults and kids with diabetes, ages two and above. (Xeris Pharmaceuticals 9/10/19)
his product may be administered by trained unlicensed staff as it meets the criteria of injectable glucagon.

Note: The New York State Education Department (NYSED) and NYS Center for School Health (NYSCSH) do not endorse individual vendors, products, or services. Links to vendors, products, or services by trade name, trademark, or manufacturer are provided for educational purposes only.

Training Resources

NYSDOH Approved Training for Unlicensed School Personnel,- Glucagon Administration Training: American Diabetes Association PDF, PPT and training certification form.
Note:School Nurses may augment the above training with additional training and resources to include administration of Gvoke (injectable glucagon).
Glucagon Administration For Severe Hypoglycemia: Safe At School: Chapter 6 -This video reviews how to administer Glucagon (American Diabetes Association 2010, 2:23)

Voluntary Data Reporting- NYSCSH

NYSCSH Glucagon Administration Reporting Form- NYSCSH collects glucagon administration data in order to monitor emergency use. This data is aggregated and shared annually with the NYSED.

Updated 3/1/2021