Health Education

Commissioner's Regulations

NYS Commissioner's Regulations Section 135 - Health, Physical Education and Recreation

    • 135.1 - Definition of terms used in the document.
    • 135.2 - General regulations  - States all schools under the jurisdiction of NYSED shall provide programs of health, physical education and recreation; defines record-keeping and transcripts, and the reporting to the commissioner.
    • 135.3  - Health Education - Defines elements of health education at elementary and secondary levels.
    • 135.4  - Physical education - Describes required school district plans for both public and non-public schools.  Provides an overview of requirements for interscholastic athletic activity.
    • 135.5  - First aid knowledge and skills requirements for coaches including approved training courses.
    • 135.6  - Comprehensive school health education demonstration program.  Defines health education in grades K-6 including coordination, implementation, and evaluation of health instruction, instructor training, and development grant application process for health education programs.


Erin's Law
Sexual abuse and exploitation prevention education for students in K-8th grade

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