Ticks and Tickborne Disease

Education Law

Education Law Article 7 Section §305 subdivision 55

Section 305 subdivision 55 reads as follows:
The commissioner, in collaboration with the commissioner of health and the commissioner of environmental conservation shall develop instructional tools and materials for school districts and libraries to assist in the education and awareness program to protect children from lyme disease and tickborne infections. Resources and materials shall be age-appropriate for school-age students and provide information on the identification of ticks, recommended procedures for safe tick removal and best practices to provide protection from ticks. Such materials may include but not be limited to video productions, pamphlets, and demonstration programs to illustrate the various sizes of ticks before and after it has engorged to assist with the identification of a tick and the reaction on the skin that may occur as a result of a tick bite. Materials and instructional tools to advance and promote education awareness on tick identification and protection shall be made available to school districts and libraries upon request at no charge. 

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