NYSED Commissioners Regulations

Commissioner Regulation 135 Health, Physical Education and Recreation (Posted 6/22)

Commissioner Regulation 136.5 Concussion Management and Awareness (Posted 6/22)

NYSED Guidelines

Guidelines for Coaching Requirements (Posted 6/22)
NYSED athletics and coaching resources including information on CPR and First Aid Requirements.

New York State Athletic Placement Process for Interschool Athletic Programs (NYS APP) (Posted 6/22)
Provides a protocol for districts that choose to allow students in grades 7 and 8 to move up; or students in grades 9-12 to move down, and safely participate at a level of competition based upon physical and emotional readiness and athletic ability rather than age and grade alone.


Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act (NYSED 6/2022)

Note: The revised Interval Health History for Athletics and a Sample Parent/Guardian Letter can be found on the Sample | Forms page under Athletics

Eligibility for Interscholastic Athletics, Inclusive Athletics, and Extracurricular Activities (NYSED 9/2020)

Athletic Trainer Scope of Practice (NYSED 7/2011) 
Clarifies the scope of practice and role of the medical director in supervising the athlete.

Coaching and Athletics Update (NYSED 10/2010)
Reviews NYSED policy for required courses, NFHS rule on head injury, and participation.

Updated Information Regarding Sports Physicals (NYSED 12/2000) 

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