Screening (Hearing, Scoliosis, Vision)

All Screenings (Vision, Hearing, Scoliosis) will Resume for the 2021-2022 School Year.
NOTE: Article 19 requires that screenings are completed by licensed health professionals. 

Commissioner's Regulations

Screening Requirements as detailed by Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of NY 8 CRR-NY 117.3 NY-CRR and 8 CRR-NY 136.3 NY-CRR
The linked Commissioner's Regulations provide detailed rules for who, how, and when students require screening. 


Amendment of Section 136.3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner Relating to Vision Screenings for Hyperopia (NYSED 9/2011)

Screenings Resources

NYSED Screening Guidelines
New York State Education Department Screening Guidelines (Hearing, Scoliosis, Vision) are on the linked screening resource web page. 

Additional Resources

FAQs- NYSCSH Screenings 
Clarification of the frequently asked questions for Screenings. 

Samples| Forms
Additional sample forms can also be found on this page of the website under Screening Charts | Forms | Letters | Notifications

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