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 All Screenings (Vision, Hearing, Scoliosis) will Resume for the 2021-2022 School Year.
NOTE: Article 19 requires that screenings are completed by licensed health professionals. 

Screening and Health Examination Charts Which Provide an Overview of Grade Requirements

NYS & NYC Screening & Health Examination Requirements Chart- Effective 7/1/2018. Dental certificate requests should align with the new health exam grade levels (1/2018) 

NYSED Screening Guidelines and Sample Notifications to Parents and Guardians


Hearing Screening Guidelines - May, 2018 pdf 

Hearing Screening Parent/Guardian Notification Results and Referral Form (5/2018)

Sample Classroom Teacher Observations- Hearing (5/2018)


School Scoliosis Screening Guidelines - May, 2018 pdf 

Scoliosis Screening Parent/Guardian Notification Results and Referral Form (5/2018)


Note: Community Based Organizations such as Lion’s Club may provide assistance in obtaining glasses, however, unless they meet the requirements of having licensed providers complete the screening and test for acuity as detailed in the NYSED 2018 Vision Screening Guidelines schools cannot use the results to meet the school vision screening requirement.

Updated Vision Screening Guidelines - May 2018 pdf 
NYSED Memo which repeals the requirement for Hyperopia for new entrants (9/2/11)

Vision Screening Parent/Guardian Notification Results and Referral Form (5/2018)  
Note: Parents must be notified of both passing and failing vision results. If a student passes it is sufficient to just indicated passed. However, if they fail you should provide the findings so the follow-up provider has a frame of reference. This form allows you to provide that information.

Sample Classroom Teacher Observation - Vision (5/2018)

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