Health Examinations

NYSED Guidelines

Health Examination Guidelines For Schools (NYSED 2022)
Provides information on student health examination requirements and guidance for administrators and school health personnel in establishing the mandated health program.


Updated Information Regarding Health Exams for Athletics (NYSED 9/6/22)

School Health Examination in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic (NYSED 12/17/20)
This memo provides updated information in light of the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department is again extending the requirements for a health exam for school attendance and participation in interscholastic athletics. 

School Health Examinations in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic (NYSED 5/21/20) 
This memo provides updated information on the use of the NYSED Required Health Examination Form through January 31, 2021, allowing additional time for parents to obtain private healthcare provider health exams before scheduling them at school, excluding students or staff who show signs of communicable disease, permitting student-athletes to participate in the fall 2020 sports season if they have a health exam from 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school years and provide a health history completed and signed by the parent/guardian within 30 days of the start of the season(i.e. Sample Recommended NYSED Interval Health History for Athletics). 

Updated Information Regarding Sports Physicals (NYSED 12/2000)
Provides updated guidance that physicals for sports participation may be conducted at any time throughout the year and that they are valid for 12 months through the last day of the month in which the physical was conducted

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