NYSED Guideline: Concussion Management in the School Setting 
This document provides school district personnel, parents/guardians, students, and private health providers with information on concussion management in school settings. It explains the purpose of a concussion management program in schools and provides guidance for developing an effective program including planning, implementation, and follow-up protocols (6/2018). 

The NYSED Guidelines for Concussion Management in Schools have been revised to reflect the current recommendations on managing concussions. Emerging research suggests that some symptoms may be acceptable during the return to activities.  The updated guidelines reflect this practice along with emphasizing that schools follow the guidance of the student’s health care provider on what symptoms are acceptable for return to activities. A gradual return to physical activity typically is done by progressing a student through levels of activity that increase in duration and/or intensity. Gradual return to activity should occur with the introduction of a new activity level every 24 hours.  If any post-concussion symptoms return, the student should stop the activity and drop back to the previous level of activity. Current research suggests that some level of symptoms with activity is acceptable. Therefore, schools will need to follow provider orders on return to activities. Students should be monitored by district staff daily following each progressive level of physical activity, for any return of signs and symptoms of a concussion. A gradual progression should be followed based on the private healthcare provider’s or other specialist’s orders and recommendations.

Research: Fifth Berlin Concussion StatementConsensus Statement On Concussion in Sport (5th International Conference On Concussion in Sport, Berlin, October 2016)  

NYSED Memo: Athletic Trainer Scope of Practice Memo (7/2011)

NYSED Coaching and Athletic Update on the NFHS Concussion Rule for Officials

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