Communicable Disease

Memos are listed in order of date

SARS - NYSED Memo: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (4/10/03)

NYSED MEMO: NYS Department of Health Confirms Cases of Serious Respiratory Virus.  This memo was sent to District Superintendents of Schools, Superintendents of Public and Nonpublic Schools, and Administrators of Public, Charter, and Nonpublic Schools on 9-15-14. It provides guidance on symptoms, prevention and actions for schools, as well as resource links for additional information. (9/15/14)

NYSED Managing Emergency Health Care and Communicable Diseases In the School Setting 2019  
Provides local educational agencies with a framework for establishing a health services program that provides the services and information required under New York State Education Law Article 19. It provides guidance for developing emergency health care and communicable disease protocols for schools. This document is intended for use by school health personnel and administrators. (NYSED Guidance, 11/14/19)

NYSED Measles Guidance from NYSDOH and NYSED  Provides guidance to district Superintendents and Administrators regarding the the Commissioner of the State Department of Health or his or her designee to require unvaccinated students (i.e., those who have a valid religious or medical exemption and those who, as described below, are not considered protected against measles) to stay home from school during a disease outbreak  The Commissioner of Health designated the Rockland County Health Commissioner, Dr. Patricia Ruppert, the authority to order Rockland County schools in which there have been one or more recently confirmed cases of measles to take appropriate steps to protect the students including issuing an order that unvaccinated children remain home for a period of 21 days after the last exposure. For schools that DO NOT have a positive measles case, the school should NOT exclude students who are unvaccinated (i.e., those that have a valid religious or medical exemption). The memo lists steps to take for the exclusion of students. 10/22/18

NYS Education Department Measles Outbreak and School Exclusion Memo. This memo sent to district Superintendents and Administrators clarifies the process of student exclusion which is determined by the NYSDOH for students with medical or religious exemptions during an outbreak. (12/20/18)

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