In 1997, the Osteoporosis Education Bill (New York State Public Health Law 2707) was signed. This bill established the NYS Osteoporosis Prevention Education Program (NYSOPEP) within the NYS Department of Health. This educational initiative provides accurate, current, and evidence-based information and resources on the causes of osteoporosis, the value of prevention and early detection, and options for treatment. 


Checklist for Strong Bones
Provides an easy checklist to help parents and caregivers make sure children get the nutrients they need to build strong bones. 

Building Strong Bones in Children
Provides key factors for daily calcium and Vitamin D intake. This site will also give tips on physical activity with safety tips to protect growing bones.  

Building Strong Bones in Teens
Provides information on daily calcium intake, the importance of vitamin D and physical activity, and how eating disorders can affect bone health. 

Page Update 9/12/22