NYSED Guidelines

Updated Vision Screening Guidelines - May 2018 pdf 
NYSED Memo which repeals the requirement for Hyperopia for new entrants (9/2/11)

Vision Screening Parent/Guardian Notification Results and Referral Form (10/2018)  

Classroom Teacher Observation - Vision (5/2018)

Care of Students with Conjunctivitis

CDC Conjunitivitis Homepage  Provides an overview in English and Spanish about causes and treatment options.

Conjunctivitis Fact Sheet- American Academy of Pediatrics- Healthy Futures, Aronson SS, Shope TR. Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools: A Quick Reference Guide. 2nd ed. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics; 2009

Pink Eye Poster (CDC)  Provides symptoms and ways to prevent transmission, available in English and Spanish. 2017

Conjunctivitis - American Optometric Association  Provides overview, symptoms, and care recommendations for prevention and treatment.

Color Deficiency (Color Blindness)

Color Deficiency or Blindness What Teachers, School Nurses, and Parents Should Know  Provides background information on the impact of color deficiency on learning and a sample notification letter for parents/guardians. (NYSCSH 2/2021)

Contact Lens Safety

Contact Lens Safety (FDA)  Provides multiple resources on contact safety and injuries caused by decorative lenses not prescribed by a health professional

Contact Lenses: No Prescription, No Way - Halloween Contact Lenses Can Be Scary for Your Eye Health (video from AAO) 

Eye Injuries and Sports

Sports Eye Injuries by the Numbers -an Infographic (AAO)  Sports send an estimated 42,000 people to the emergency room each year, 1 in 3 are children.

Sports-Related Eye Protection, Children Ages 6 to 19 Years (NYSDOH)

Vision Loss Resources from the National Center on Physical Activity & Disability (NCHPAD)

Insurance Assistance/Affordable Care Act/Ophthalmology Providers

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Vision Benefits  The  ACA requires specific benefits beginning 1/1/14, include one eye exam and pair of glasses each year. In addition, plans must cover vision screening for children with no co-pay. This fact sheet answers questions related to vision and screening.

Lions Club Financial assistance for vision exams or glasses. Click on Council of Governors to locate your local Lions Club

Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics-Listing of clinics in Albany, Buffalo, and NYC.

Professional Organizations

American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Children's Eye Injuries: Prevention and Care  Ways to prevent eye injuries include wearing eye protectors, avoid projectile toys, and first aid advice.

National Eye Institute (NIH)  This site reviews the components of a comprehensive eye exam, common vision problems, eye diseases and conditions, tips for keeping your eyes healthy.

How to Use Cosmetics Safely Around Your Eyes (AAO) Follow these basic steps to protect your eyes while using makeup. 

NYS Commission for the Blind (NYSCB) provides vocational rehabilitation and other direct services to legally blind New York State residents, including children, adults, and elderly persons. NYSCB offers services from seven district offices across the state. It is under the Office of Child and Family Services.

American Optometric Association Ultraviolet (UV) Protection  A resource on sun safety for eyes

Prevent Blindness America  Resources on Eye Health & Safety, Guidelines for Children's Vision Health, Financial Assistance Information, Common Eye Myths, Fact Sheets

Vision Therapy

American Academy of Pediatrics Joint Statement-Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and Vision

What is Vision Therapy Information provided by Optometrists Network


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