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NYSED Memo: School Health Examinations in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic (5/21/20)
Requests schools continue to accept any physical examination form from students for physicals conducted on or before January 30, 2021, regardless of the form used (5/21/20).

NYSCSH Clarification of School Health Examinations in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic 
Provides additional information on acceptable health exams for school entry, mandated years, interscholastic sports (including AAP), CSE/CPSE, and working papers. (NYSCSH 6/4/20)

School Health Examination Guidelines 2018

School Health Examination Guidelines 2018- Provides information on student health examination requirements and guidance for administrators and school health personnel in establishing the mandated health program. (Updated May 2018)

School Health Examination Forms

Required NYS School Health Examination Form 
This form should be completed by the private health care provider or school medical director to document health examinations. The form may be printed and completed by hand or completed electronically by saving it to your computer, entering the information into the fillable fields and saving a copy for each student (NYSED, 2020). 
Note: Make sure the version of the form you download and use has 2020 in the footer.

NYSED Instructions for Completion of New York State School Health Examination Form
This instruction sheet was created to assist providers in filling out in completion of the Required NYS School Health Examination Form in entirety.
(NYSED, 2020) Additional Instructions: If all systems are normal please check the box "System Review and Abnormal Findings Listed Below" and all individual system boxes reviewed should be checked. If a system abnormality is assessed, do not check the effected individual system box and note the "Assessment, Abnormality Noted, and Recommendations" box provided.

Interval Health History Forms

Medical Certificate of Limitations Form

Athlete with Disabilities Form

Health Exam FAQs

FAQs - Health Examinations 

Dental Certificates

Dental Certificates should be requested along with Health Examinations but are NOT required for school attendance.

NYS Education Department Screening Guidelines and Memos for Hearing, Scoliosis, and Vision include guidelines, screening forms, School Health Exam/Screening Chart, sample parent notification and referral forms, sample teacher observation forms, documentation, and tracking forms.

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