HIP (Health Information Portal) | FAQ and Assistance Page

The NYSCSH Health Information Portal (HIP) provides the latest news and information regarding school health issues and topics. Please feel free to forward it to those who may “need to know” or want to add value to their school health education or services. Once a new stakeholder sees the benefits of HIP, it is easy for them to be a subscriber, too. Please help us by "getting the word out,” by utilizing the digital postcard below, created to share the benefits and how to subscribe.  

Click here to download the digital postcard to distribute to colleagues and groups, or forward it to those you feel would benefit.

HIP messages include:

  • Current and relevant information on school health education and health services
  • Professional training opportunities 
  • Grant information
  • School nurse practice information
  • Coordinated school health resources and activities
  • NY state policies and statutes
  • Urgent or timely NY state and national updates
The HIP is for you if you are:
  • School Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • School Medical Director (Nurse Practitioner or Physician)
  • Health Educator or Director or Coordinator of  School Health
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • Health Services Provider
  • Working in public, private, or charter schools
  • Involved in school health-related organizations, agencies, coalitions, and consortiums
  • Working for state or local government
  • Connected with a healthcare system
  • Parents of a school-aged child
  • Any individual with an interest in school health issues

About the Portal

What is the HIP (Health Information Portal) Email Notification System?
The HIP is an email messaging service managed by the New York State Center for School Health  (NYSCSH). The email message is delivered by iContact, our messaging provider.

What type of information is sent through the HIP?

  • Notifications from the NY State Education Department on laws, regulations, guidelines, memos, and alerts pertaining to NYS school health services and school health education.
  • Notifications from the NYSCSH with resources, sample guidance, training, and trending school health issues.
  • Copies of notifications sent to NYS school nurses and districts from the NYS Department of Health when appropriate.

How often are email notifications sent?
Emails and newsletters are periodically sent when guidance or trending issues and information affecting school health practice are updated. Also, when NYSED or NYSDOH has new guidance.

Where can I view or review past email notifications sent?
All email notifications and newsletters are archived for a period of two years; they are organized by the sent date. They can be accessed via the "HIP Email Archive" button located on the main page under the heading Website Shortcuts. 

Subscribing and Unsubscribe

How do I subscribe?
Subscribe on the main page of our website by clicking on the HIP button located in the Website Shortcuts section.

After clicking the HIP (Health Information Portal) button, please be sure to choose the appropriate link that best describes your role. Complete the required information on the subscription form. A "pop-up" welcome message will appear indicating you have subscribed. 

It is critical to accurately enter your email. Entering inaccurately will prevent you from receiving our emails. Typical errors include misspelling, forgetting or misplacing a period, using .com when .org is needed, or forgetting to place the "s" in schools if that is part of your address.

How will I know if I successfully subscribed?
 A  "pop-up" welcome message will immediately appear after subscribing to indicate you have successfully completed the process. If pop-ups are blocked on your browser, this message will not display.

What will happen if I do not subscribe?
If you do not subscribe, you will not receive email communications from NYSCSH. This means you will miss the ability to receive any updates from NYSED or the Center, which is the designated source of information for school health services and school health education updates.

What is a "permission-based" subscription?
It requires the subscriber to complete the form themselves, thereby granting consent to join the email list or service. It also requires that each email contains a link for the subscriber to manage their subscription, such as removing their name or unsubscribing from the list.

How can I unsubscribe, and what happens if I do?
A Manage Subscription link is located at the bottom of every email sent from our system. Follow the link to unsubscribe. You will not receive any further communications from NYSCSH. Once a contact has been unsubscribed,  we cannot re-subscribe for you. However, YOU can re-subscribe using the Manage Subscription page. To do so, locate any email we have previously sent to you, click on the Manage My Subscription link at the bottom, and choose to re-subscribe from the list of choices provided.

If I unsubscribe, can I re-subscribe?

If I unsubscribe, how do I re-subscribe?
Our email system is user-protected. By signing up, you are providing us with permission to have and use your email. Once marked as Do Not Contact, we can no longer change or adjust your settings at the Center. Per our email vendors' user protection policy, to re-subscribe, follow one of the two options below:

Re-subscribe with a previously received email: 

  1. Locate a previous email that was received by you and sent through iContact.
  2. Click the Manage Your Subscription or Unsubscribe link in the footer of the email.
  3. Check the box next to the appropriate list.
  4. Click the Update button.

Contact iContact's Support Team:
If the first method of re-subscription is not possible, you can email support@icontact.com to request to be re-subscribed to the list. The email should be sent from the email address you want to be re-subscribed to. Include the business/organization name on the account (New York State Center For School Health) and the name of the list you want to be re-subscribed to.


Why does NYSCSH need additional information besides your email?
As a contracted office of the NYSED, the Center must provide resources to all areas of NYS. Collecting user demographic information allows us to assess our effectiveness in meeting that goal.

Is my information secure?
We value your privacy and use a variety of security measures to protect your personal information. Your contact information is not shared outside of this agency.


I am having trouble subscribing- what can I do?

  • Check that you correctly entered your email
  • Check that you have not left a required field blank

I cannot see the entire screen to subscribe- it cuts off from the right side. What can I do to view it correctly?
Each computer monitor may be configured differently. If you cannot view the entire subscription form, go to the top of your toolbar and click view> then zoom, this may solve the problem. Alternatively, you can try maximizing the viewing window by going to the maximize/restore icon in the upper right-hand corner of your window (it is next to the red X, which closes the window). If you still cannot sign up on the form on our website, email us at nyscsh@monroe2boces.org or call us at (585) 617-2380 for assistance.

I am having trouble receiving emails from NYSCSH.
If you are not receiving emails from us, check out this troubleshooting guide.

Is there a browser that works best to view the notes?
Google Chrome works best, but Internet Explorer or Edge will also do the job.

Page Updated 10/20/23