Pupil Transportation

For Information on Epinepherine use on School Buses Please See Our Epinephrine Page.

NYSCSH Resource

Planning For and Responding To Health Issues When Transporting Students 
This customizable 42 slide PowerPoint should be reviewed and approved by your administrator and medical director before being used to train staff on planning for and responding to health issues when transporting students. (10/4/18) 

NYSED Resources

NYSED Pupil Transportation Web page and Notices

NYSED Pupil Transportation State Operations

Guidance Related to Hand Sanitizer on School Buses (8/21/20) 

State Comprehensive School Bus Driver Safety Training Council

Education Law section 3650Comprehensive School Bus Driver Safety Training  Program 

8 NYCRR 156.3 -Safety regulations for school bus drivers, monitors, attendants, and pupils

NYSED Guidance for Field Trips
Includes safety guidance for use of charter buses. 

NYSED Pupil Transportation & Immunizations
Effective June 13, 2019, Chapter 35 of the Laws of 2019 repealed non-medical exemptions from vaccination for children attending school. This NYSED webpage reviews what is immunization requirements apply to pupil transportation. The FAQs provided on this page provide additional information. (NYSED 2019) 

NYSED Guidance for Transporting Oxygen on School Buses
Provides guidance on how to safely transport oxygen on school buses when deemed medically necessary, in accordance with a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Includes best practices in securement, contingency planning in cases of emergencies such as collisions or vehicle breakdowns, and training guidelines. 

NYSED Policy on Response to a Student School Bus Fatality

NYSED Policy Statement on Prohibition of Commercialism on a School Bus

NYS Clean Air School Bus Program

Reducing Dragging Incidents
Provides practical guidance on preventing this avoidable risk and injury to students. (1/23/16)

Professional Organizations & Links

American Academy of Pediatrics
The AAP has provided this free article from April 30, 2018 which is downloadable and can be viewed to educate staff regarding School Bus Transportation of Children with Special Health Care Needs. (10/4/18)

New York Association for Pupil Transportation

New York School Bus Contractors Association

Pupil Transportation Safety Institute

Rochester Area Transportation Supervisors Association (RATSA)

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