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Note to Schools:
Effective September 2017, if official education records cannot be released to the parents for purposes of transferring to another school, the custodian of the records in the sending state shall prepare and furnish to the parent a set of unofficial records. Upon receipt of the unofficial records by the school in the receiving state, the student must be enrolled and placement decisions must be made in accordance with the information on unofficial records and then later validated.  It also requires that states that enter into the interstate compact, including NYS, give families 30 days from the date of enrollment to obtain any immunizations required by the receiving state.


A Military Family’s Guide to School Transitions
Compiled by military spouses with decades of experience. Can help to mitigate concerns by helping children transition effectively to a new school. 

Military OneSource
Provides resources to assist with the unique challenges of military life, including Child and Domestic Abuse, Children, Youth & Teens, Crisis and Prevention, K-12, and College Education. 

Parenting for Families
Includes resources for working with schools and teachers during deployment and beyond.  

Military Child Education Coalition 
Delivers programs, services, and professional development to meet the needs of military-connected students, parents, and professionals.   

New York National Guard and Youth Program (NYNGCYP)
Provides military families with opportunities for networking and skill development as well as social, emotional, and academic support to military children and youth. Resources for schools include Quick Tips Educator Toolkit for Military Children, School Nurse Toolkit, Talking with Children About Violence and War, and Working With Military Children.  

NYSDOH Office of Mental Health
Information for Military Personnel and Their Families provides multiple resources, including brochures, toolkits, and items that address issues involving military personnel and veterans, such as depression, bipolar, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The Home Again Veterans and Families Initiative trains community service providers who work directly with veterans. Resources related to schools are found under the family section. 

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