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USDA Memo from Director of the Policy and Program Development DivisionbChild Nutrition Programs
References the 2017 Edition of Accommodating Children with Disabilities in the School Meal Program and what is required by school districts to accommodate students with special dietary needs. Includes additional resource links. (July 25, 2017) 
2017 Edition of Accommodating Children with Disabilities in the School Meal Programs - Food and Nutrition Service
Provides guidance on the requirement for school food authorities to ensure equal access to Program benefits for children with disabilities, which includes providing special meals to children with a disability that restricts their diet.  The guide includes nine major sections: Introduction; Statutory and Regulatory Requirements; Making a Meal Modification; Reimbursement for Modified Meals; Meal Modifications and Substitutions; Meal Service Accommodations; Procedural Safeguards and Training; Non-Disability Situations; and Appendices.

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