Charter Schools

The New York State Education Department Charter School Office's mission is to create and sustain excellent educational options for New York State families on behalf of the Board of Regents through high-quality charter school authorization, fair and transparent oversight of all charter schools, and the dissemination of innovative school designs and practices.

NYSED Support Resources

About Us: What is a Charter School?
Charter schools are publicly funded and open to all students in New York State through a non-discriminatory admissions lottery.  

Guidance for all Charter Schools

NYSED Contact Numbers for Charter Schools
Email and phone numbers for support.  

NYS Charter Schools Association (NYCSA) Resources

New York State Charter Schools Association (NYCSA)
NYCSA is the leading statewide advocate and proponent for charter schools. Member services help schools operate more effectively, with a particular emphasis on academic achievement and responsible governance. 

New York City Charter School Information

The New York City Charter School Center
The NYC Charter School Center helps new charter schools get started, supports existing schools, and builds community support so that highly effective schools can flourish.

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