Bed Bugs

Cornell University Resources

Cornell Cooperative Extension Bed Bug Webpage-Provides resources on life cycle of bed bugs, how to identify, remove and prevent bed bugs from group living areas, as well as myths and facts (4/11/17).

Bed Bugs in Schools Webpage-This website provides- The ABCs of School and Childcare Pest Management What schools need to know , Pest defense for schools, and webinars(9/2017). 

NYS Integrated Pest Management (IPM)- Cornell University

IPM provides Best Management Practices for Schools, Curricula for staff and students, as well as other Resouces (2/21/20).

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Bed Bugs Get Them Out and Keep them Out Webpage-Provides an introduction to finding, removing and keeping bedbugs out. Includes Characteristics of Bed Bugs, Finding Bed Bugs, Getting Rid of Bed Bugs, Do-it-yourself Bed Bug Control, Pesticides to Control Bed Bugs, Bed Bug Information Clearinghouse, Bed Bug Product Search Tool (EPA).

Identify Us Resources

Identify Us Webpage-Provides and evidence based overview of identifying and responding to bed bugs with specific information for the school setting.

Bed Bug FAQ Webpage-Information regarding identifying bed bugs, harm or spread of pathogens associated with bed bugs, and insecticides and treatment options.

Identification of Suspected Bed Bug Infestations Flowchart PDF-This flowchart assists schools in the steps to take if a bed bug has been identified. 

New York State Department of Health Resources (USDOH)

Information for NYC Public Schools- Provides information, resources and management of bed bugs in the school setting. Materials are available in multiple languages. It includes the NYC Department of Education Bed Bug Information Kit for Schools which contains specimen collection information, sample parent letter and overview of Bed Bug identification, life cycle and mitigation (USDOH).

Bed Bugs: What They Are and How to Control Them Webpage-Information regarding what are bed bugs, how can they get into the home, how to identify a bed bug problem, and how to control bed bugs in the home (7/17).

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