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Sample Absence Response Flow Chart (NYSCSH 2013)
Monitor and create a plan to address an individual student's absenteeism.  


America’s Promise Alliance
Includes national organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, corporations, associations, and faith-based groups that provide resources to support attendance, education, and graduation.

Attendance Works
National and state initiative that promotes tracking chronic absence data and partnering with families and community agencies to intervene when poor attendance is a problem for students or schools. 

Chronic Absence Calculator
Attendance Works has partnered with Applied Survey Research to develop free self-calculating spreadsheets for school districts to track attendance. These tools are especially effective for smaller districts with more limited data capacity. The companion tools are the School Attendance Tracking Tools (SATTs) which provide school-level analysis down to the individual student level. 

Chronic Absenteeism in the Nation's Schools
Interactive website showing the extent of the crisis in terms of geography, ethnicity, disability status, and school level (USDOE). 

Every Student Present
NYS resource materials for parents and school staff on school attendance (e.g., school anxiety, health, academic challenges). Includes posters and parent tip sheets for schools and a widget for school websites. 

Healthy Schools Campaign
Provides a toolkit that focuses on preparing educators—particularly school district decision-makers—with knowledge and practical guidance for creating meaningful change to address health-related chronic absenteeism. 

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