Athletic Placement Process (APP)

Athletic Placement Process-APP Is a program for evaluating students who want to participate in sports at higher or lower levels, as approved by the Board of Regents as a part of the school eligibility rules in 1980, and is aligned with Learning Standards 1 and 2. Commissioner’s Regulation Section 135.4(c)(7)(ii)(a)(4).

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New York State Athletic Placement Process for Interschool Athletic Programs (NYS APP)Updates include adjustment of Tanner scores in Appendix H, reference citations for medical directors and additional clarification in step 4 regarding recommended vs. required Tanner scores. Updated 12/2017 

NYSED FAQ Link to the NYSED Athletic Placement Process for Interschool Athletic Programs (APP) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) released April 2015.

Height and Weight Chart & Classification of Sports According to Contact (7/19)


Updated 02/7/2021