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The Center would like to thank Dr. Sarah Marques for her guidance as NYSCSH Medical Director for the past 3 years. Her support was integral to allowing us to continue to provide new and updated resources for NYS Medical Directors.

We would like to welcome Dr. Ron Marino as our new Medical Director Consultant   
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Dr. Marino

New and Noteworthy

Please see the NYSCSH Immunization Page for Important Updates on the repeal of religious exemptions, resources on medical exemptions and the most current information and FAQs from the NYSDOH.

New or Updated Guidance and Resources 

  • Guidance for Response for Severe Bleeding In the School Setting (6/19/19)
  • Requests for Medical Exemptions (10/10/19)  
  • Administering Multiple Vaccines - CDC and ACIP (7/2019)
  • Immunization Contraindication Checklist -  IAC (8/2019)
  • Vaccination Requirements and Non-Medical Exemptions (10/2019)
  • Management of Conjunctivitis In the School Setting 10/2019)

Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, 13th Edition (the Pink Book): The 13th edition of this textbook provides healthcare professionals with the most comprehensive information available on vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. The 2017 additions to the Pink Book chapters and appendices can be viewed/downloaded here.

2019 Pink Book Webinar Series
The CDC is offering a weekly series of 15 one-hour webinars that provide an overview of vaccination principles, general recommendations, immunization strategies, and specific information about vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccines that prevent them. Visit the Pink Book webinar web page for the schedule and additional information. Seminars are archived on this page for any time viewing. Continuing Education (CE) will be available for each event.

Page updated 10/19/19