New York City| Other States Reopening Info

2020–2021 New York City Department of Education’s School Reopening Plan

NYC|DOHMH|NYCTest+Trace Corps (T2) COVID Response "Situation Room" will handle all COVID-19 cases that arise in NYC school communities.

  • Schools located in co-located DOE space should call 212-393-2780 or
  • Schools located in private/stand-alone DOE space should call the DOHMH at 866-692-3641

The Situation Room’s current operating hours are Monday thru Friday: 5:30 am to 9:30 pm and Sunday: 11:00 am to 9:30 pm. For overnight hours, a voicemail box will receive messages, which will be responded to once the Situation Room reopens the following day All cases called in will receive a response.


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Arkansas Department of Education: Guidance for Schools Re-Entry to Onsite Summer Programs/Activities

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Idaho State Board of Education: COVID-19/Coronavirus Resources Webpage

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Iowa Department of Education: COVID-19 Guidance and Information Webpage

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Kentucky Department of Education: COVID-19 Updates and Information for P-12 Education Webpage

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Louisiana Department of Education: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Webpage

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Maryland State Department of Education: COVID-19 Resources for Maryland Schools Webpage

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Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Guidelines

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Michigan Department of Education: MDE COVID-19 Education and Information Resources Webpage

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Minnesota Department of Education: COVID-19 Updates Webpage 

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Mississippi Department of Education: Guidance for 2020-2021 School Year Webpage

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Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Webpage

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Montana Office of Public Instruction: School Re-entry & Recovery 

Montana Office of Public Instruction: Re-opening Montana Schools 2020 Webpage

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Department of Education: Coronavirus Resources Webpage

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Webpage


State of Nevada Department of Education: Resources Related to COVID-19 Webpage

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services: Schools and Families Webpage

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Department of Education: School Transition Reopening and Redesign Taskforce

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services: Schools Webpage

New Jersey:

New Jersey Department of Education: Summer Learning Resource Guide 2020

New Jersey Department of Education: Guidance on the Delivery of Extended School Year Services to Students with Disabilities

New Jersey School Boards Association: Searching for a 'New Normal' in New Jersey Public Schools

New Mexico:

The State of New Mexico Department of Education: Education Webpage

New Mexico Department of Health: 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Webpage

New York: On this website

North Carolina:

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Resources: COVID-19 Response and Resources Webpage

North Dakota:

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction: NDDPI Updates and Guidance on COVID-19 Webpage

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Ohio Department of Education: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Ohio's Schools and Districts Webpage

COVID-19 Health and Prevention Guidance for Ohio K-12 Schools  

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Oklahoma State Department of Education: Return to Learn - A Framework for Reopening Schools Webpage


Oregon Department of Education: Guidance for School Year 2020-2021 Webpage

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Pennsylvania Department of Education: Resources for School Communities Webpage

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Rhode Island:

Rhode Island Department of Education: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates and Resources Webpage

Rhode Island Department of Health: School and Childcare Information and Summer Camps Webpage

South Carolina:

South Carolina Department of Education: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and South Carolina Schools Webpage

South Carolina Department of Health: Schools and Childcare Centers (COVID-19) Webpage

South Dakota:

South Dakota Department of Education: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Schools Webpage

South Dakota Department of Health: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Information Webpage


Tennessee Department of Education: Reopening Guidance Webpage

Tennessee Department of Health: Healthy School Environment Webpage


Texas Education Agency: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance Webpage

Texas Education Agency: Support: Public Health Orders Webpage


Utah State Board of Education: Coronavirus Information and Resources Webpage

Utah Department of Health: Educational News and Resources Webpage


Vermont Agency of Education: COVID-19 Guidance For Vermont Schools

Vermont Agency of Education: Leveraging Summer 2020 Learning Programs

Vermont Agency of Education: Update on Planning to Reopen Schools for Fall 2020


Virginia Department of Education: COVID-19 and Virginia Public Schools Webpage

Virginia Department of Health: K-12 Education Webpage


Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance and Resources Webpage

Washinton State Department of Health: K-12 Schools-Fall 2020-2021 Guidance PDF

West Virginia:

West Virginia Department of Education: Re-entry & Recovery Guidance Webpage

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources: Schools and Universities Webpage


Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Education Forward Operating Schools During a Pandemic Webpage

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Wyoming Department of Education: COVID-19 Resources Webpage

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Note: States update their individual guidance frequently please check the individual states page for the most current resources.