Re-Opening Schools Compilation Briefs From Various Organizations

A Blueprint for Back to School
This report from American Enterprise Institute sketches a framework for reopening schools that can help state policymakers, education and community leaders, and federal officials plan appropriately for reopening schools when public health officials signal it is safe to do so.

Addressing Barriers to Learning | UCLA Mental Center  InHealth In Schools
This newsletter from the UCLA Center for Mental Health In Schools is devoted the following to highlighting essential transition-back supports.

A Plan To Safely Reopen America’s Schools And Communities | AFT
Provides guidance from the American Federation of Teachers for imagining a new normal for public education, public health, and our economy from the Ameican Federation of Teachers.

Mitigating COVID-19 Risk: How Schools Can Help Reopen the Economy Safely | Frontline Education
Explores the interconnected nature of health, education, and economics as well as what actions may be taken within the health management of K-12 districts to effectively navigate a prompt, safe, and effective new normal.

Reopening Schools: Health and Safety Guidelines From Other Countries | Learning Policy Institute
This brief provides insight into health and safety guidelines and social distancing strategies used in other countries that have successfully reopened their schools in the context of COVID-19. Examples are intended to support school policymakers and administrators in the United States as they plan for reopening.

Page Updated 7/6/2020