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There is an overwhelming amount of information being shared via media outlets. Separating fact from fiction can be challenging for health professionals and lay-people alike, and conflicting or changing recommendations create increased confusion and anxiety.

Your knowledge and expertise make you a vital health resource in helping school staff, students, and families find current, credible information they can use to make informed decisions about their health.  The Center invites you to join the fight against COVID-19 misinformation and take the pledge to #ThinkCheckCorrect and share it with others. All the resources you need to step up and speak up and be a fact-checking champion are below.

Take the  Pledge Instructions and Resources

Print out a pledge and sign it or display the non-signature copy on your iPad. 

Take a photo or a 20-30 second video of yourself with your pledge and tell us why you "took the pledge."

If you are not yet a member, join our School Medical Directors Facebook Group and share your photo or video

Finding Reliable Online Health Information Sources 
As coronavirus spreads, so do the questions. Where should you turn for the latest information on a rapidly changing situation? Social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, have seen many false and misleading posts. The US Justice Department has set up fraud hotlines.  Learn more about finding and using current, credible and concise health information resources and sites here.