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Volunteering to Work in Other Facilities 

What do school employees need to know before volunteering in response to Governor Cuomo's letter to healthcare professionals?

NYS has sent several requests to health care professionals to assist in the NYS response to COVID-19. Please review this guidance prior to responding.

The  Governor’s Health Care Professionals Letter asks licensed health professionals to volunteer to assist with the pandemic response in NYS. 

A school employee may be deemed essential at any time as determined by the local school.  Additionally, many schools are maintaining salaries for school staff during this time therefore it is recommended school staff check with their district before taking on other duties. School staff review both their contract and check and with their union representative (if affiliated with one) regarding questions or concerns.

Things YOU can do to help  

Donate Blood
Right now there is a critical need for blood and platelets. Learn More.

Governor's Letter to Health Professionals
Requests qualified health professionals and related professionals to supplement our hospital capacity on a temporary basis to treat seriously ill coronavirus patients including those that may need to be intubated. It is important to check with your school district before volunteering to assure that you are meeting any of your current contractual obligations

National Association of School Nurses Information On What You Can Do