2018 NYS School Health Profile (SHP) Results and Infographics

NYSCSH YRBS Infographic Booklet

To help schools use the NYS 2018 SHP data collected, the Center has created the following resources that highlight key data points. 

NYSCSH Making the Connection Infographic





Making the Connection Health + Academics NYS Center for School health 2018 NYS SHP and 2019 NYS YRBS Survey Results Infographic Booklet

Continue the individual infographics below from the 2019 NYS Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and the 2018 School Health profiles (SHP) Survey. It also includes CDC information on the link between health and academics. (NYSCSH, 36 pages 9/23/20)

Individual Health Risk Behavior Infographics

CDC 2018 Profiles Characteristics of Health Programs Among Secondary Schools Report
This report summarizes long and short-term changes in school health policies and practices from 2008-2018. Areas covered include Health Education and Health Services, Physical Education and Nutrition Services, Healthy and Safe School Environment, Family Engagement and Community Involvement, and School Health Coordination. 

  • A summary of 2018 data by content topic compared to other years that illustrates both strengths and areas in which school health can be improved to better meet the needs of students begins on page 55.
  • NYS specific data tables begin on page 74. 
  • 2018 State Profiles results illustrated on U.S. maps provide NYS data in comparison to other states.

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