NYS 2017 YRBS Results and Infographics

From  January-June 2017, the NYSCSH administered the YRBS on behalf of the NYSED to 1538 students in 30 high schools across NYS. In addition, the NYS Department of Health administered the YRBS to 24 schools through their contractor, ICF Macro. Links to the results of the survey are provided below as well as infographics with key data points and resources to address them.

CDC Youth Online Website
This site allows users to compare NYS YRBS data by years, location, gender and risk category. Click local under location to view NYC data 

CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary and Trends Report 2007-2017
Summarizes YRBS data in the four priority focus areas associated with STI's (including HIV) and sexual behavior, high-risk substance use, violence victimization, and mental health and suicide. (CDC, 90 pages, 2017)

New York City Department of Health YRBS Information
The NYC Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is conducted through an ongoing collaboration between the NYC Health Department, the Department of Education and the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

To help schools use the NYS 2017 YRBS data collected, the Center has created the following resources that highlight key data points.

NYS Center for School Health 2017 NYS YRBS Survey Results Infographic: Making the Connection Health + AcademicsThis resource contains the individual infographics below with data from the 2017 NYS YRBS, and in addition contains 2015 CDC YRBS data which highlights key health risk behaviors and the resources to reduce them for staff, students and parents. It also includes CDC information on the link between health and academics. (NYSCSH, 36 pages 9/24/19)

The infographics below contain linked resources for students, staff, and families to learn more and take action to reduce risk behaviors. We encourage schools to 

2017 NYS YRBS Alcohol and Other Drugs (NYSCSH 2 pages, 6/2019)

2017 NYS YRBS Behaviors That Contribute To Unintentional Injuries and Violence (NYSCSH 2 pages, 6/2019)

2017 NYS YRBS Inadequate Physical Activity (NYSCSH 2 pages, 6/2019)

2017 NYS YRBS Tobacco Use (NYSCSH 2 pages, 6/2019)

2017 NYS YRBS Unhealthy Dietary Behaviors (NYSCSH 2 pages, 6/2019)

2017 NYS YRBS Sexual Behaviors Related To Unintended Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Including HIV Infection (NYSCSH 2 pages, 6/2019)

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