NYS 2019 YRBS Results and Infographics

NYSCSH YRBS Infographic Booklet

To help schools use the NYS 2018 SHP data collected, the Center has created the following resources that highlight key data points. 

NYSCSH Making the Connection Infographic





Making the Connection Health and Academics NYS Center for School Health 2018 NYS SHP and 2019 NYS YRBS Survey Results Infographic Booklet 
Contains the individual infographics below from the 2019 NYS Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and the 2018 School Health Profiles (SHP) Survey.  It also includes CDC information on the link between health and academics. (NYSCSH, 36 pages 9/23/20)

Individual Health Risk Behavior Infographics

Additional Resources 

CDC Youth Online Website
This site allows users to compare NYS YRBS data by years, location, gender and risk category. Click local under location to view NYC data  

CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary and Trends Report 2007-2017
Summarizes YRBS data in the four priority focus areas associated with STI's (including HIV) and sexual behavior, high-risk substance use, violence victimization, and mental health and suicide. (CDC, 90 pages, 2017)  

New York City Department of Health YRBS Information
The NYC Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is conducted through an ongoing collaboration between the NYC Health Department, the Department of Education and the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

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