Medicine - Article 131

Article 131 - Medicine

Applicable to School Nursing as it refers to the ability to accept documentation from an out of state medical providers and non-patient specific orders for immunizations and anaphylaxis:

Section 6526 - Physicians in bordering states:
2. Any physician who is licensed in a bordering state and who resides near a border of this state, provided such practice is limited in this state to the vicinity of such border and provided such physician  does not maintain an office or place to meet patients or receive calls within this

Section 6527-Special Provisions:
6. A licensed physician may prescribe and order a non-patient specific regimen to a registered professional nurse, pursuant to regulations promulgated by the commissioner, and consistent with the public health law, for:

  1. administering immunizations.
  2. the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.
  3. administering purified protein derivative (PPD) tests or other tests to detect or screen for tuberculosis infections.
  4. administering tests to determine the presence of the human immunodeficiency virus.
  5. administering tests to determine the presence of the hepatitis C virus.
  6. the urgent or emergency treatment of opioid related overdose or suspected opioid related overdose.
  7. screening of persons at increased risk of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

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