Use of Sunscreen-Article 19 Section 907 (8/13) 
Allows students to carry and use topical sunscreen products approved by the FDA with the written permission of the parent or guardian of the student. A record of this permission must be maintained by the school. A student who is unable to physically apply sunscreen may be assisted by unlicensed personnel when directed to do so by the student, if permitted by a parent or guardian and authorized by the school. 

NYSED Memo:  Updated Information Regarding the Use of Sunscreen (7/31/12) 
Updates the medication guidelines to allow sunscreen use and carry by self-directed students with written parent permission. (7/31/12)  Note: Students who are unable to communicate by voice, writing, or augmented device (for someone unable to speak) that they know what the medication looks like, why, when, how much to take, and what to do if someone offers them the wrong thing are NOT self-directed and would need both a provider order and parent permission. 

Page Updated 12/29/21