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NYSDOH Regulation

NYSDOH Influenza Notification Alert 
Schools and child-care settings are required to post influenza educational material, in plain view, within their facilities. Information should be posted starting now. Influenza season begins in early fall and can last through May (10/2020) 

NYSDOH Seasonal Flu Resources

Seasonal Influenza Information for Child Care Providers, Schools and Colleges


Influenza Guidance Memo to Districts 
Guidance and resources regarding identification, handwashing and facility cleaning, monitoring school closure and requested school administrators disseminate this guidance to their school district’s medical director, professional health care personnel (school nurses), school staff, and students, families and communities  (NYSED, 2/23/18)  

NYSED - Amendment to Public Health Law Regarding Regulations for the Prevention of Influenza Transmission (October 2013)  

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