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Provides an overview of the NYSCSH Centers' work and how to effectively use the NYSCSH website.

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Can I use the resources and information on the website to create resources for my own school district?
Yes, our Terms of Agreement allow you to use whatever resources are on the website. Please read the Terms of Use to see how to credit NYSCSH for materials used.

How can I submit a link that is broken or request resources I don't see?
You can use the Website Feedback link at the bottom of each page. You can also use that link to submit requests for resources not currently on the website.

What happened to the SN Toolkit?
The SN Toolkit is now called Samples|Forms on the "Channel Bar" which is the main section headings at the top of the website.  This section is now organized by topic content not the type of resource. This will allow you to find everything you need regarding a specific topic (ie medication resources) in one place.

The website page goes to the old NY Statewide School Health Services website or is not updated to what the current page should be - how can I see the correct website or page?

Your browser has a folder in which certain items that have been downloaded are stored for future use. Graphic images (such as buttons and icons), photos, and even entire web pages are examples of items that are saved or cached. When visiting a web page your browser checks if a copy of the files on the page is in its cache already. If so, it will save the visitor some downloading and make the web page load faster. Some browsers refer to the cache as Temporary Internet Files contains directions to clear your browser's cache forcing it to download the latest data from a website. Choose your browser from those listed below.

Where can I find Regulations, Memos, and Guidelines by content?
Hover over the Laws|Guidelines|Memos channel then click on the Guidelines and Memos by Content title. You will be able to see all relevant information in one place and alphabetized.

Where is the Contact Us Page?
At the bottom of each page of the website.

Page Updated 9/8/21