Working Papers - Employment of Minors in NY

NYS Education Department Information

Employment of Minors in New York: Student Support Services Website for Employment of Minors. Guidance and documents (June 2019).
School districts in New York State are responsible for issuing employment certificates and permits to qualified applicants. This is not a function of the State Education Department. The information presented, is intended to assist students, parents, school officials who issue the appropriate cards or booklets to students and perspective employers.

NYS Department of Labor Information

NYS Department of Labor Information on Working Papers- Provides information on how to get working papers, types of working papers special Occupation permits and facts for teens under 18 (August 2019)  

Places to get more info or apply for working papers:

 Please Note a Change for City of Buffalo Due to COVID-19 :

* Please be advised that the Department of Guidance - Central Office will only process Non- BPS and Home-Schooled Students officially registered through the Home-Schooling office.  Please submit the application electronically to:

  • City of Buffalo: Public school students and young people who no longer attend school should apply at their high school office.
    Charter and private school students should apply at City Hall, 65 Niagara Square (716-816-3593).
  • City Of New York (all five boroughs): All young people, in and out of school, must apply at a local public high school office. If you don't know what high school to go to, you can get instructions on where to apply from the New York City Department of Education’s District Family Advocates or call 718-935-2000.
  • Elsewhere in New York State: All young people, in or out of school, can apply at any public high school or school district office.

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