Epilepsy Foundation/Epilepsy Therapy Project Resources

Children at School and Childcare
Provides information and resources (forms, communication tools, training, educational rights, and impact on learning) for parents, schools, and daycares on effectively and safely caring for students with seizures.

Managing Students with Seizures: School Nurse Training Program
Provides school nurses with information and resources to better manage the student with seizures. The program is divided into three parts to assist the school nurse in learning to effectively manage seizures in a school environment.

Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts
An epilepsy awareness program for teens in high school to dispel myths and reduce the perceived stigma associated with epilepsy within the teen population.

504 Plan
Sample plan from Epilepsy.com

School Activity Management Tools

Sample Seizure Management Guidelines 
Sample Seizure Management Guidelines for Student Participation In School and School Sponsored Activities- Provides sample guidelines for provider restriction of student activity based on the student's seizure history. It was developed by the University of Rochester Medical Center, Department of Child Neurology, and the Committee on School Health and Sports Medicine for Chapter I of District II of AAP. This information may be used as a guide for district medical directors when discussing appropriate accommodations for students with their private health care providers and developing plans for safe school participation. 9/2015

Seizure Observation/Recording Forms
These forms can be used to record seizures. They include calendars, diaries, and logs from Epilepsy.com

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  • Laws | Guidelines | Memos - Vagal Nerve Stimulator - "Unlicensed persons may apply this technique in school settings provided that such persons understand the particular child’s seizure patterns and are trained in the proper technique and potential side effects."
  • Samples | Forms - Customizable resources related to this topic, including sample Emergency Care Plans, 504, Parent Interview Questionnaire, and Diastat Voluntary Reporting Tool.
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