Electronic Health Records (EHR) - See Technology in School Health Office

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Technology has had tremendous impact on the health care field in assisting health professionals through increased efficiency, accuracy, cost savings and improved communication between health professionals and patients. Translated into the school health setting, these improvements support best care for students as well as best practice for school nurses.

This page contains information to support school health professionals understanding of technology and how it can be intergrated into professional practice, as well as how school nurses can advocate for inclusion of school health data in the broader landscape of health information techology initiatives at the state and national level.

The links to the left of this webpage provide information on electronic health records, national and state health IT initiatives and resources as well as basic technology terminology and information on media such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and RSS Feeds. The counter below will give you some idea of the rate at which techology implementation is expanding and exploding.


"Once a new technology rolls over you, if your're not part of the steamroller,
you're part of the road."~Stewart Brand