School Nurse Advocacy

These presentations are available for use by school nurses only when the content is approved by the nurse or school district that wishes to use it. School districts are responsible for the content used in this presentation and any modifications made. Please cite NYSCSH as a resource.

My School Nurse Infographic (5/14) 
What you do to support student health each day is valuable. Use this Infographic to share that value with parents, staff, administrators and school boards 
Campaign for Action
Works on seven major, interrelated issues that contribute to a healthier America through nursing. They are: improving access to care, fostering interprofessional collaboration, promoting nursing leadership, transforming nursing education, increasing diversity in nursing, collecting workforce data, and building healthier communities. 
School Nurses touch the future; School Nurses make a difference!
By Lisa Sicilio, BSN, RN, NCSN Adapted from “What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali 

What do our School Nurses Do?
Provides overview of role and tasks performed - revised January 2017

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