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HIV/AIDS Resources

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National Sex Education Standards
The updated NSES have been written with a trauma-informed lens; have been infused with principles of reproductive justice, racial justice, social justice, and equity; address social determinants of health and how these can lead to inequitable health outcomes. (3/2020)

NYS Education Department Resources
NYSED Curriculum and Instruction Health Education Webpage-Provides guidance, information and resources for HIV/AIDS instruction as required by NYS education law and Commissioner's regulations 135.5. They include the Guidance for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Condom Availablity Plan Resources. 

Sexual Health Plan-NYSDOH

New York State Youth Sexual Health Plan: Promoting Sexual Health Through Prevention of HIV, STDs, Unintended Pregnancy, Hepatitis C, Drug User Health & Trauma-Informed Care
This guide ensures accurate sexual health information and quality health services are available to all NYS youth. The purpose of this document is to address HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention issues facing adolescents and young adults and promote positive, healthy, and informed choices regarding sexual health (Updated 2018).  

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) 

Note: The NYSCH website will now use the term sexually transmitted infection (STI) in place of sexually transmitted disease (STD). The word "disease" suggests noticeable medical problems, while many of the most common sexually transmitted infections have no signs or symptoms, or they are very mild. Even with no signs or symptoms, STIs can cause serious health problems, so it is still necessary to get tested and treated for STIs.

CDC STD Resource Page
Provides overview of STD diseases, prevention, statistics on prevalence and resources for education. (Page updated 10/2019) 

CDC Sexual Risk Behavior: HIV, STD, & Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Page
Provides current statistics, CDC programs and resources on the Adolescent and School Health web page. (Page updated 3/2020) 

Information for Teens: Staying Healthy and Preventing STDs
2-page fact sheet for teens and their families on STD transmission, diagnosis, and treatment. (12/2017) 

Has lead responsibility for coordinating state programs, services and activities relating to HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and hepatitis C. 

AIDS Institute  HIV, STD, Viral Hepatitis Consumer and Provider Materials Order Form.

Expect the Test
Provides information on the updated HIV Testing Laws that each patient over the age of 13 should be offered an HIV test. The materials are available in English and 6 other languages and can be ordered using the order form link above. To preview the brochure, click here. (NYSDOH, 5/2020). 

NYSDOH STI Resource Page
Includes STD fact sheets and information on prevention, screening, treatment, provider updates, and educational materials order forms. (Page updated 8/2019) 

Letter to Clinical Providers - Minor Consent for HPV Vaccination & HIV Treatment and Prevention
Notifies health care providers that section 23.1 of Title 10 NYCRR was amended to include HIV in the existing list of STDs and that section 23.4 of Title 10 NYCRR now allows health care providers to “…render medical care related to other sexually transmitted diseases without consent or knowledge of the parent or guardian.”  This includes both HIV and  HPV treatment. (NYSDOH-Provider Resources 1/2020) 

Sexual Violence

CDC Sexual Violence Resource Page
Provides an overview of sexual violence and resources for campuses including connections between sexual violence and bullying and  STOP SV: A Technical Package to Prevent Sexual Violence (Page updated 1/2020) 

Sexual Trafficking of Minors see Human Trafficking

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