MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcous Aureus) Resources

NYSDOH Memo MRSA School Advisory 12 9 2008 

Prevention of MRSA Infections in the School Setting

Handsanitzer Field Memo

Updated Information Regarding Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers (NYSED) - Reaffirms use of Hand Sanitizers and discusses safety measures for use. (11/2009)

MRSA Resources

MRSA Resources - Information for Coaches & Athletes

MRSA Fact Sheet NYSDOH - (English)

MRSA Fact Sheet

MRSA Fact Sheet NYSDOH - (Spanish)

MRSA Fact Sheet NYSDOH- Estafilococo Dorado Resistente a la Meticilina (EDRM)


MRSA CDC Web Page - Provides resources on identification (photos), tracking, cleaning and lab testing, advice for school and daycare officials, coaches and athletic directors.

MRSA Education Resource Page - CDC
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