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FAQs related to medication management in the school setting - click here

NYSED 2015 Medication Guidelines NYSED Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools- Provides a framework for developing policies and procedures for medication administration in public and non-public schools as defined in state law and regulation. (Revised December 2017) 

Diabetes Medical Management Plan Addendum: Role of Parents/Guardians in Adjustment of Insulin Dose 5/2017

Determining Who Can Administer Medication and Students Capability
Levels of Assistance in Administering Medications - Guide Provides guidance in determining how may and may not administer medications in school and the how to determine who may do so. Updated 3/2016

Independent Carry and Use
Guidance for Implementing Provider Attestation Option for Independent Carry and Use - As of 7/1/15, NYS law requires HCPs provide attestation of a student's ability to independently carry and use their medication in school. This guidance details how schools can implement this requirement. (9/2017)

Sample Provider Attestation and Parent Permission for Independent Carry and Use - Allows the provider to document the diagnosis and attestation for a student to carry and use medication independently as required by NYS law. It may be used as an addendum to a medication order which does not contain this required element. (9/2017)

Sample Letter to Health Care Providers Regarding Attestation for Independent Carry and Use - Informs Health Care Providers about the attestation requirements. (9/2017)

Sample Letter to Parents Regarding Attestation for Independent Carry and Use - Informs parents about the attestation requirements. (9/2017)

Medication Administration For School Sponsored Activities

NYSED Memo regarding stocking albuterol metered dose inhalers - Liquid albuterol for use in a nebulizer for students diagnosed with asthma whose personal albuterol prescription is empty. This is a voluntary option for School Districts

Epinephrine and Immunizing Agents
Article 19 Section 921-a (7/1/2015) states that licensed registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians are authorized but not obligated to train  unlicensed school personnel to inject glucagon or epinephrine auto-injectors in emergency situations where an appropriately licensed health professional is not available to pupils who have written permission of a physician or other authorized healthcare provider, along with written parental consent, during the school day, on school property or at any school function.


Insulin Pump Clarification Memo-Clarification on the operation of students’ insulin pumps, specifically related to the role of medically unlicensed school personnel. (3/2012).  Please Note: When changing the infusion set- the original tubing which is already primed and connected to the reservoir stays in place. It is attached to the new infusion set (needle or cannula). Click here for diagram.
Use of Sunscreen-Article 19 Section 907 -  Allows students to carry and use topical sunscreen products approved by the FDA with the written permission of the parent or guardian of the student. A record of this permission must be maintained by the school. A student who is unable to physically apply sunscreen may be assisted by unlicensed personnel when directed to do so by the student if permitted by a parent or guardian and authorized by the school. (8/2013)
Medication Safety
Medication Storage in Schools

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