Medication Resources

NYSED Guidelines and Supporting Resources

NYSED 2015 Medication Guidelines NYSED Guidelines for Medication Administration in SchoolsProvides a framework for developing policies and procedures for medication administration in public and non-public schools as defined in state law and regulation. (Revised December 2017)

Guidance By Type of Medication Is Available on the Laws|Gudielines|Memos Page- By Content Content includes topics such as Albuterol, Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers, Blood Glucose Testing, Epinephrine and Immunizing Agents, Insulin Administration and Pumps, Sunscreen, Medication Disposal, Storage and Safety.

NYSED Policy Guidance Tablet Splitting Memo (January 2000)- This memo covers best practices on splitting tablets that are scored and unscored.

FAQs related to Medication Management in the School Setting 

Administration Forms, Addendum (For students with diabetes) and Attestation Forms for Independent Carry and Use

Customizable Forms for Medication Administration and Notification Can Be Found On Our Samples|Forms|Notifications Page. They include:

Determining Who Can Administer Medication and Students Capability

Levels of Assistance in Administering Medications - Guide Provides guidance in determining how may and may not administer medications in school and how to determine who may do so. Updated 9/2019

Designation of Medication Administration to Another Person
Disposal of Medications