Crisis, Trauma and Bereavement

Crisis/Trauma, Disaster and Bereavement

American School Counselors Association- Includes talking points and links to additional resources. 

American Psychiatric Nurses Association -Resources dedicated to dealing with traumatic events that may be of benefit to you and schools.

Center for School Mental Health (University of Maryland)-Resources and links on mental health support for those experiencing disaster trauma.

National Association of School Psychologists -Resources to promote the ability of children and youth to cope with traumatic or unsettling events.

National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement- Trauma and bereavement support services within school settingsto help students, staff and families. Provides resources, training materials, consultation assistance for schools,

NEA Healthy Futures School Crisis Guide-Step-by-step resource created by educators for educators school district administrators, and principals to keep schools safe — before, during and after a crisis.

Quick Find Clearing House of Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Response Information-Resources for crisis planning, training staff, school-based crisis teams. Contains handouts for staff, students and parents on grief, violence, stress and assisting students with traumatic loss.

SAMSHA Coping with Traumatic Events-Multiple resources on behavioral health issues related to disaster for children, youth and first responders.

See also Suicide and Mental Health